Mietendeckel Outcome

Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled that the state of Berlin has no jurisdiction to to implement a “rent cap law” (“Mietendeckel”). Since June 2019 the rents in the city have been frozen for five years and the rents on overpriced apartments had to go down. This was a big win for the people of Berlin!
Housing is a big issue like in most big cities in Europe. Tens of thousands of people in the city are unhoused or are living in emergency housing. Families are living in smaller and smaller apartments, while the rents keep going up. This law prioritises landlords and homeowners and will effectively push out poor people, but where do poor people go? It’s especially disturbing that this court ruling is happening in the middle of the pandemic.
Unaffordable housing drives people deeper into poverty, forcing people into unsafe working conditions, something we see regularly in the street-based trans sex work community which is majority migrant/PoC.
We are furious that the rent cap law is being overturned. People of colour/trans people/migrants/queers will be disproportionately affected by this terrible outcome! Housing must be for people, not for landlords!

Image: Trans*Sexworks bloc at Hermannplatz protest against Mietendeckel outcome

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