Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Bülowkiez, volunteers (including trans/sex work allies) distribute supplies to street-based workers on Frobenstraße and the surrounding area. We distribute condoms, lube, skincare essentials, clean needles, FFP2 masks, disinfectant and other hygiene products, as well as snacks and water.

On Sundays we are joined by the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe who bring warm meals and drinks!

If you are someone who is working in the neighbourhood and would like to make sure you see us, you can contact us at sexworksberlin@gmail.com or find us on most weekend nights, after 10p.m.

If you are interested in helping out regularly during our night shifts, we are always looking for new volunteers

If you don’t have time but you want to support this project, you can easily donate supplies.

The bike we use to distribute supplies