Happy Feminist Strike! Here are a few wishes we have for this years #FeministStrike:

  1. Safety from domestic violence also for trans People. Most women shelters do not take in trans and non-binary people/women. Either this needs to change or we need an alternative fast!
  2. Unhoused trans People need a safe shelter. Trans People are being rejected by most shelters or they experience violence in them. We need a shelter for unhoused trans, inter and non-binary people
  3. We want drug counselling centers for trans, inter and non-binary people. Stress due to constantly experiencing discrimination results to higher drug use in the trans and queer community. There are still no specific services for trans, inter and non-binary people.
  4. Abolish the “Prostitutes Protection Law”. The ProstSchG has failed. We call for an end to this criminalisation and demand better working conditions, more workers rights and the fight against stigma.

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