International Workers’ Rights Day: Revolutionary May 1. 2021

This coming Saturday is May 1, International Workers’ Day. We begin at Hermannplatz at 5 p.m. & stand united in the struggle for workers’ rights, especially the rights of trans migrant sex workers! Join us!
Migrant sex workers on Frobenstraße and Kürfürstenstraße in Schöneberg, the gentrified Berlin district where sex workers have worked for over a hundred years, are under police patrol every night. We see the nightly harassment of women – majority migrant, many trans, many women of colour – for whom police discrimination is harsher and brutality more likely. Time and time again, it’s been documented that sex workers encounter the most violence at work when we are forced to deal with cops. Dealing with police hostility should not be a daily reality! The so-called ‘Prostitution Protection Law’ does not protect us!
Sex work is not a moral issue, it’s a worker’s rights issue! See you on the street! Look out for red umbrellas!

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