Workshops, info-events and movie-screenings are a way for workers to meet and break the isolation caused by the stigma of being a trans*sex worker.

This can also include more general trans* topics as well as sex work. If required we can organize an event together or give input on a suitable occasion.

Community Support
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Bülowkiez
We are out three nights a week supporting street-based workers on Frobenstraße and the surrounding area. We distribute condoms, clean needles, FFP2 masks, desinfectant and other hygiene products. Sundays we are joined by the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe who bring warm meals and drinks! If you are interested in helping out regularly at our night shifts, please contact us!

Whorelandia – Trans Meetup by Hydra Cafe
Every first Thursday of the month from 18:00-20:00 at Hydra Café, Hermanstraße 18, 12049 Berlin
Wh0relandia is a monthly meet-up of trans* and GNC (gender non-conforming) s3x w0rkers, h0es & h00k3rs. Each month will include a theme and you, my dear, are invited to join us as we gather on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
Come for time spent with other trans* and gnc s3x w0rkers chatting, eating, playing, unwinding, and connecting with one another. There will be free food, warm drinks, & condoms! You’ll also receive 20€ just for coming 🙂 Whorelandia is a space intentionally built around our needs and desires as trans* & GNC SWers. The conversations we will have during our meet-ups will play a role in transforming the space month to month.
Please check the calendar from Hydra Cafe for this event. 

STI Testing CheckpointBLN – Trans Inter Non-Binary Day
Every last Saturday of the month from 14:00-17:00 at CheckpointBLN, Hermannstraße 256-258, 12049 Berlin
Get to know your queer sexual health center in a stress-free environment tailored to the needs of trans, inter and non-binary people. Take control of your sexual health: Get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections, discuss your individual risk factors, determine which safer sex strategies are right for you and start PrEP, if so desired.
Please check the calendar from CheckpointBLN for this event. 

Next Horizon – Support Group by Casa Kua
Sept. 8 / October 13. / November 1. at 18:30 at Casa Kua, Naunynstr. 72, 10997 Berlin
A peer to peer support group for Trans* Inter* and Queer BIPoCs who think they have a problem with drugs and alcohol. It is a space to share and listen without judgement. If you are looking for a space to exchange about your experience and listen to others then you are very welcome. Everybody attending agrees to respect the anonymity of all and to come sober for creating a safer space. The space is lead by Trans PoC addict who is recovering. Please bring a negative covid result. There will be test on spot also. 
Please contact Casa Kua if you have any questions.