Peer Counselling Update – Book a time!

Trans*Sexworks offers peer-to-peer counselling for all sex workers; especially Trans*/inter/non-binary people, and those who are in particularly precarious situations, such as fleeing war or violence.

You are welcome to join us at Casa Kuà for a cup of tea and a chat. If you do not have urgent questions, but you would simply like to be in a safe, warm & relaxed environment, you are also welcome. There’s no pressure to talk about difficult topics if you just need company.

If you have language preferences or would prefer to speak with someone whose background or experience reflects your own, please let us know. We can do our best to find a volunteer you are most comfortable with.

For more info or to book a time,

please contact:

sexworksberlin@gmail.com or



Naunynstrasse 72

Kreuzberg 10997, Berlin.