Resources for sex workers fleeing the war in Ukraine

Counselling, Peer Support and Social Work

Sex workers arriving in Berlin can contact us (Trans*Sexworks) for peer- counseling and support in Ukrainian, Russian and English. We can help answer questions about working in Germany and support you in getting set up safely.
Please write a message on Telegram +49 1517 5137101
The person responding to the messages is a trans sex worker from Ukraine.

Frauentreff OLGA is a counseling center from the Drogennotdienst for female sex workers (cisgender and transgender) and women who use drugs. “Our focus in counseling is in the areas of addiction, homelessness, health insurance, migration and sex work. We offer basic medical care, HIV, HCV and STI tests, accompany you to appointments and advise you on all aspects of the Prostitute Protection Act.”
Kurfürstenstraße 40, 10785 Berlin
T: 030 262 89 59
Mo-Sa 14:00-20:00 Uhr

Hydra e.V. is a professional counseling center by and for sex workers of all genders and sexualitites. We recommend going here to get a social worker who can help you with your paperwork and appointments with the authorities.

Subway e.V. is a counseling center for male sex workers under 28. They are open Mo, Tue, Thu. from 09:00-17:00 and Fri. 09:00-19:00 (Kirchbachstrasse 5, 10783, Berlin // 030 23 52 04 76 ). They have social workers and also provide basic needs like showers, wash machines, day-beds, food, clothing and condoms. On Fridays, they have a doctor there for free.

GLADT e.V. is an organization of Black and PoC lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*, Inter* and queers in Berlin. They also offer peer-counseling for BIPoC, queer sex workers.

Health – HIV, Hormones, STI Testing, Pregnancy, Abortion, Drug Use…

Roter Stöckelschuh is a website you can use to find sex worker friendly gynecologists, doctors, therapists and clinics. QueerMed is a website for LGBTQIA*-friendly and sensitized doctors and therapists. Gynformation is a website with a list of queer-feminist gynecologists, midwives and gynecological general practitioners.

Berliner Aidshilfe can support you in accessing HIV Medication with or without health insurance. “The employees know which doctors in the area treat people with HIV, hepatitis or tuberculosis, are familiar with HIV-PrEP or with offers for drug users and know which doctors offer opioid substitution therapy (OST).”
For people outside of Berlin, please check out the resource guide from the Deutsche Aidshilfe.

If you need hormones please contact Casa K. Casa Kuà is a trans, inter, queer community & health center run by trans and non-binary people of colour. No insurance or money needed.

CheckpointBLN offers (anonymous) HIV/STI Testing for trans & non-binary people and queer men. They have doctors there, so you can also go for a check-up if you think you might have an STI and need medicine.

The Counselling Center for Sexual Health in Berlin-Mitte offers free diagnostics and treatment for STIs. Here they have a gynecologist, so we would recommend this place for people with a vagina.

The Drogennotdienst is a counseling center in Berlin for people who use drugs and alcohol. They also have substitution programs for opioid users and assisted living facilities. They are sex worker and queer friendly. They also have a Hotline you can call: 030 19237

If you want to end a pregnancy/have an abortion you need to first go to a counseling center to get a counseling certificate (“Beratungsbescheinigung”). We recommend going to ProFamilia for this. Then you can go to a doctor for your treatment. You can find a list of doctors who perform abortions in Berlin here. If you have a low income & health insurance your insurance will cover the costs. If you do not have health insurance, please speak to a counselor from ProFamilia, Hydra or Frauentreff OLGA.