Sex Workers & Queers: Fight Back!

On Sunday there is a demonstration happening again at Ostkreuz to protest the gentrification of the area and the recent evictions. At the beginning of February, over 100 unhoused people (mostly eastern-European migrants, many Romani) were suddenly evicted from the camp that many had been living in for years. This all happened at night while it was -10*C outside. For what? So an investor can build a tourist attraction. Many sex workers (cis and trans), trans women & queer people lived here.

Many sex workers (both cis and trans), trans women & queer people lived here. We want to continue fighting for our friends and are calling for our queer siblings, colleagues and allies to come to the demo on Sunday!

Pack your red umbrellas, trans or rainbow flag and cardboard sign and meet us at Ostkreuz (Hauptstra├če/Kynaststra├če). For more info:

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