Every Thursday from 23.12. at SUBWAY in Berlin 18-21.00

Especially as trans*sex workers it is important to be in amicable contact. To converse about our sex work and everything else that is important for us and we want to keep private. Not least of all it’s simply nice to eat and have fun together. The trans*dinner is a place of mutual support, to learn and relax. A place to prepare for work if work is on the streets (it’s in  Kurfürstenkiez in Berlin and takes place before work times). It’s a gathering-space, a bigger community to build a better exchange of trans*sex workers of all realms, to learn from each other. A place for strategies of surviving, exchange of experiences and tasty food. Every trans*sex worker is welcome. No matter if you are working on the street, inside, in a studio, in bordells or throughout internet and no matter which language you speak. Every week another trans*sex worker is welcome to cook for us. If you are up for this, contact us. We are paying for your work and provide the groceries.

Subway: Kirchbachstrasse 5, 10783, Berlin (U. Yorckstrasse)

Our multilingual flyer is provided for download here:

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