In the sex industry, as in other types of work, professional work is the basis for satisfied customers and both satisfaction and safety for the worker. Move. eV agree and, in cooperation with the AIDS have held professionalization workshops for sex workers too. Some of the trainers in our team have undertaken this training with Move.

Our training can consist of anything which is needed to make sex work more professional, and is undertaken in any workplace with a minimum of 3 workers. This may include the legal status affecting each worker, access to health insurance or tax number as well as the issue of “safe work” or dealing with customers. The workshops may have different priorities and are tailored to both the needs of sex workers as well as to the needs of the workplace. We come during the working time at the workplace and which may mean that sometimes the training might be interrupted by customers. The workshops are for all genders, whether trans* or cis. Translation can be arranged where necessary. The workshops can be organized in a bar, a brothel, street, stripclub, massage salon, apartment, studio or any other workplace.

Please ask us for more details about this.