Sex work is work. A service chosen at free will where a mutual agreement is reached. It has nothing to do with human trafficking. But: Work can also be fun. Many people find that in sex work as a job. It’s a work that many people seek out. Additionally, it is an important way for many trans*feminine persons to earn money.

Sex work is often an important part of our lives and politics. The crossover comes naturally. Sex work is stigmatized work. Ostracized by society. Sex workers are treated differently to workers in other fields of employment. The destruction of this stigma is an important political work and demand. Many of us are multiply stigmatized. People of color, trans people, disabled and many other sex workers face discrimination everyday on several different levels. Our fight stands for being recognized and for equal rights. We need full decriminalization and legal recognition of worker’s rights now. It’s the basis from which to deconstruct whorephobia and whore stigma. New laws like the German “prostitution protection law”, the Canadian bill C-36, the British porn law and other repressions like the “Nordic model” and the full criminalization of sex work must end immediately.

We need the same rights for every sex worker everywhere!!

Respect Sexwork!!