Trans* sex workers need
What I need in order to improve my/our work and living conditions:

You don’t need to fill out all the questions.
– My work name (optional):
– Contact/webpage (optional):
– Photo (optional):
– I work as:
– Languages I speak:
– I have lived in Germany since:
– What do I need most urgently in order to to improve my work and general conditions?
– What do I need in order to have good and secure working conditions?
– What do I need in order to work safely (blow jobs, anal sex, etc)? Is safe sex desired?
– Do I have a problems with transphobia? If yes, how could my situation be improved?
– Would I like to have a meeting point or drop-in space for trans* sex workers? How could this look, where could this be, for who should this be for? With or without an advice service? Only for sex workers or mixed? With or without social workers who aren’t trans*, or don’t have a history of sex work? … Bus, apartment or whatever. Dream, let you imagination take off! … Would I use the space often? Would I also like to work there and contribute? How? What should take place there?
– What are my impressions of existing advice services (Olga, Hydra, Subway, Aidshilfe, Gesundheitsamt, who else?)? What would I like from them, do I have suggestions for improvement? Do I use them, and if not, what do I need instead?
– Am I happy with my medical care? When not, what do I need? (realistic wishes only please!)
– Does something need to change in my living situation?
– Do I speak good german? If not, would I like to change this, and what would be the easiest way to do this?
– Is it necessary to create opportunities that provide the chance to stop sex work? Would I like to stop?
– What are the main obstacles stopping trans sex workers from getting health insurance, a tax number or a registered address?
– Are there missing topics or is a question uncool? / Do I have anything else to say?